Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

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What does D&O Insurance typically cover?

Side-A Coverage

Side A covers claims against directors and officers when the corporation fails to indemnify. Directors and officers are therefore personally liable for payment of defense costs, settlement or judgment related to legal claims arising out of their service to the corporation. This coverage is considered personal asset protection.

Side-B Coverage

Side B is for the benefit of the corporation as it provides reimbursement to the corporation when the corporation does indemnify directors and officers for covered claims. This coverage is considered balance sheet protection.

Side-C Coverage

Side C is coverage for the corporate entity. For a publicly traded company, Side-C is typically limited to securities claims. However, privately held and not-for-profit companies enjoy more entity coverage—all risk unless specifically excluded.

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Additional Benefits

Provided by D&O Insurers

Some insurance providers provide a sub-limit of coverage to access to public relations consultants in order to respond to the headline and reputational risks associated with corporate crisis events

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Sub-Product Types

Public Company D&O
Independent Directors Liability
Private Company D&O
Commercial Multi-Peril (CMP)
Not-For-Profit D&O
Package Programs
Side-A Only
Modular Programs

Applicable Business Classes

Asset Managers

Community Banks

Financial Institutions


Home Owners Associations

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